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Welcome to eCam Plus

eCam Plus delivers video and telematics in an affordable, plug-and-play device.

Protect Drivers, Assets, Reputations, & Livelihoods With Video Evidence.

Compact, front-facing dash cam with clear HD footage. Connected to the 4G network enables fast remote footage download in the event of an incident.


Forward Vehicle Proximity Warning

Forward Collision Warning

Lane Departure Warning

Forward Vehicle Start Alert


Reduce Friction with Drivers

The road-facing, connected camera assists rather than annoys drivers, leading to higher job satisfaction and driver retention.


Protect from Unfair Blame

Crystal-clear HD video documentation and evidence reduces accident, litigation, and insurance-related costs.


Keep Drivers Safe with ADAS Features

Audio notifications alert drivers to unsafe driving behaviors, such as lane departure, collision, and tailgating warnings- in real time.

eCam Plus 1-877.843.4770 x4

Dismantle the barriers

to video telematics adoption

Critical ADAS and video telematics functionality in one compact, affordable, easy-install device.

Remove complexity with the new ADAS camera, designed with all the ADAS/video features that you need and none that you don’t.


  • ADAS feature set for safety improvement at an affordable price (LDW, FCW and HMW)
  • Plug-and-play design for lightning-fast, cost-effective installation
  • Assisted-GPS technology automatically uses cellular towers to triangulate the location in the absence of line of sight with a satellite
  • Works as a stand-alone video/telematics device or with an existing telematics black box

Reduce Friction With Drivers

Protect From Unfair Blame

Keep Drivers Safe With ADAS Features

We strive for excellence in everything we do.

Protect Your Fleet
  • Receive video alerts of driver events
  • Monitor your driver and the road in real time
  • Track your fleet with real time GPS data
  • Collect data on each vehicle and driver
  • Secure your vehicle with our unique and built in 24/7 security feature
Protect Your Drivers
  • High quality, 360 degree video capture
  • Solid State DVR archival
  • Unattended vehicle monitoring
  • Video events triggered and uploaded instantly via LTE
  • In the event of an incident, exonerate your driver with high quality video of the roadway and simultaneous in-cabin and side views
eCam Plus 1-877.843.4770 x4
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